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At You Jewelers & Boutique, we are here to assist you with your currency collection, no matter the size!  You can rest assured knowing your coins, bullion, or collectible paper currency will be handled and assessed with the utmost respect and care by our knowledgeable coin & bullion experts.

We find the subject of rare coins and currency to be fascinating! Each time we come across an unfamiliar coin or bill, we do as much in-depth research as possible before making our guests a cash offer. Before meeting with our GIA certified staff, we understand that you may have the urge to clean and polish your coins or bullion. However, we strongly advise against any cleaning or polishing, as it may tarnish and affect the value of your unique collectible.

You Jewelers & Boutique offers top dollar prices for your rare coin collections, accepting most coins from anywhere and any era that may be of value. All transactions are confidential and secure with no obligation to sell. Please, partake in a journey with us as we discover and unravel the history and antiquity of your treasures. Give us a call (619) 715-3601. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Coins and Bullion
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