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A designer or antique watch is more than just a functional timepiece. To some, it is an intricate work of art, laced throughout with the beauty of masterful craftsmanship. You Jewelers & Boutique comes backed with extensive experience in valuing and buying designer and estate timepieces. We see the complex beauty of every watch and value it based on its history, maker, condition, and potential.

Above all, You Jewelers & Boutique will consider your needs while we move forward in valuing, authenticating, and respecting your prized timepiece. We want it to be known that your piece will not be melted down or scrapped for parts, but repurposed for someone else to treasure just as you or a member of your family had in the past.

Every customer leaves You Jewelers & Boutique with a complimentary, in-depth verbal appraisal of his or her designer or antique watch. We guarantee that you will leave with valuable information that will help you decide when and where to sell your item. All we ask is that you give us the privilege, opportunity, and pleasure of serving YOU when it comes time to make that big decision.

Not sure if your watch is for us? Check our Brands We Buy page for more details or give us a call! (619) 715-3601

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