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Lead Estate Buyer, Jonathan Flint

Academic and Professional Qualifications:


You can view Jonathan’s certificates using the slide show gallery below, which will contain all of his diamond & gemological degrees, and credentials.


Jonathan has been in the diamond, gemstone, and jewelry industry as an estate buyer, jewelry sales representative, jewelry manufacturer, business owner, entrepreneur, jewelry consultant, credentialed jewelry professional, and jewelry appraiser for many years. After receiving his education from the Gemological Institute of America he has been able to promote a wide and very vast array of knowledge within his field of expertise. Mr. Flint believes that honesty, and transparency will ensure the confidence of his colleagues, and every guest that he has been given the privilege to meet, encounter, and to work with.

To help you to better understand the Gemological Institutes of America’s superb and immensely respected code of ethics we have listed several educational videos created by (GIA) to assist in the understanding and education of our guests. Professionals that are credentialed by the institution are taught the extensively strict standards that they follow. The very same moral, and ethical values that You Jewelers & Boutique strictly adheres to on a daily basis with each and every guest we have the pleasure of serving.

We invite you to take a few minutes to watch the videos at the bottom of the page to better comprehend the immense, and ever changing world of gemology, jewelry, and gemstones.

How To Read a Diamond Grading Report

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