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At You Jewelers & Boutique we know that no two diamonds are alike, with each stone containing its own unique characteristics and value. With over 25 years of combined experience, we can offer “best-in-class” professional and personalized appraisals.

When you visit another gold or jewelry buyer, you may see your diamond thrown on a scale along with scrap gold and broken chains. These types of buyers don’t see your diamond for what it is: a unique stone that should be valued and inspected with precise consideration and care. Mr. Flint has over 15 years of experience with grading and dealing in diamonds. When evaluating a diamond, he bases his appraisal on the quality of what is known as the “the Four C’s”: 

  •  Clarity

  •  Carat 

  •  Color

  •  Cut 

Once Mr. Flint has completed your free appraisal and provided you with his best cash offer, we encourage you to shop around. Feel free to visit other jewelry buyers, sit in their offices, and hear what they have to say about your diamond. We are confident that our knowledge, attention to detail, friendliness, and professionalism are unparalleled in this industry and will gain your trust and business for years to come.

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