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Is my diamond an antique?


If you feel your diamond may be an antique, it is important to know the era of its specific cut. There are five well-defined, traditionally estimated eras for antique diamond cutting styles:


  • Georgian

  • Victorian

  • Art Nouveau

  • Edwardian

  • Modern


If your buyer says that your diamond is an antique, be sure to ask what era it comes from. This information may greatly affect the value of your diamond.

How do you calculate the amount of my cash offer for my gold, silver, or platinum?

It is critical that you know how your precious metals are being weighed and priced. Whether it be grams, pennyweights, or ounces, there are multiple ways to weigh precious metals. When selling gold, make sure it is weighed in grams; today’s modern standard for gold buying and selling. Also, make sure you inquire as to the percentage that you’re being paid in relation to the spot price of gold for that day. Fair buyers will pay at least 70% of gold’s current price.  


Has my diamond been treated, and does this affect its value?


There are many treatments and simulants in today’s diamond market such as laser drilling, heat treating, and fracture filling. Although a treated diamond isn’t bad, it can dramatically differ in price with that of a natural diamond.   


What kind of movement does my watch have?

Each watch has its own method of operation that allows it to function. These methods are:

  • Automatic (Self Winding)

  • Windup (Manual Winding)

  • Quarts (Battery Operated)

Depending on the type of movement, one can expect a different set of prices for each timepiece. Make sure to ask your buyer what kind of movement your watch may have.


How is the value of a watch determined?


Watches can be valued by their materials, brand name, current desirability, and rarity. However, because modern technology allows us to create fine replicas of an otherwise valuable timepiece, determining the exact value of a watch can be quite difficult. Do not worry. Our associates have been trained to spot fakes!


Does the brand name of my watch make it more valuable than just the weight of the precious metal that my watch is made with?

Absolutely! Brand names such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, or Breitling will fetch a higher amount than a standard name gold or platinum watch.


If you have a fine Swiss timepiece, a beautiful designer watch, or an antique pocket watch, make sure to educate yourself to ensure YOU can receive the best cash offer!  

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