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Man forging/fabricating metal

Custom Design & Fabrication

Unique and Personalized Treasures

Do You Want To Create Something Totally Unique?

Envision having your own personalized treasure that no one else in the world will ever possess! An exclusive creation made, designed, & imagined by YOU! Let us assist you in creating a new wearable memory. Our very talented GIA certified gemologists, master jewelers, and our highly skilled jewelry designers can bring your ideas to life. Put your imagination to work, & together your dreams will become our reality.

Jewerly Design Artist:

Completely Hand Drawn

Our Jewelry design artists are able to provide a unique visual illustration of your original ideas on paper. Using a basic set of everyday tools of paper, pens, and colored pencils our skilled illustrator will produce a drawing centered on our guests original depiction. This very time honored practice is what truly sets us apart from all the rest!

Hand Fabricated Wax Carving

Completely Hand Made

This technique is implemented when a master jeweler/wax-cutter integrates fine artisanal details entirely by hand! Using a very distinctive set of tools, the artist precisely measures, sculpts, and carves to create a one of a kind look that a computer could never replicate. 


Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

With this method your ideas will be brought to life using a three dimensional wax molding with the most advanced technological precision available. In using this procedure our master craftsman are able to integrate very fine detail from your original concept. With this computer aided process we are able to fabricate whatever your imagination can visualize. 

At You Jewelers & Boutique we go above and beyond ensuring to take our time in perfecting that custom treasure that you’ve always imagined. With our extensive experience we can very confidently move forward with nearly every possible technique within the realm of custom design. Give us a call today, walk-ins are welcome!


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