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Our ideology is that pearls are one of nature’s finest gifts and should be respected for their intrinsic beauty. Mr. Flint’s credentials allow him to deal in various categories of pearls. He will inspect and grade your pearls based on the Gemological Institutes of Americas seven grading characteristics, which will be used to determine the value of your pearls. These seven characteristics are:

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Color

  • Luster

  • Surface

  • Matching

  • Nacre Quality

In today’s vast and ever-changing market, pearls fall under many different categories. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to properly grade, identify, and value these types of pearls:

  • Chinese Fresh Water Pearls

  • Japanese Akoya Pearls

  • South Sea Pearls

  • Tahitian Pearls

  • Natural Pearls

  • Melo Melo Pearls

  • Conch Shell Pearl

  • Abalone Pearls

Allow us the privilege of helping to identify, grade, and appraise all of your radiant, unique pearls. We have the knowledge, education, and the expertise required to help YOU obtain a better understanding of one of nature’s finest gifts. For a free verbal consultation pertaining to your pearls, make an appointment with us today! 

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