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"Clarity Enhancements" in the Diamond Market: Fracture Filling

We wanted to take a quick moment to discuss some of the many diamond "clarity enhancements" that are currently being used in today's diamond market. There are two main techniques used for improving a diamond’s clarity; laser drilling and fracture filling. Today we will discuss fracture filling and that "it hides white fractures in a diamond called 'feathers.' A glass-like substance is injected into the fracture to make it less visible and to improve the stone’s apparent clarity. Because the filling may be damaged or removed during routine cleaning and repair, the technique is controversial. Good fracture filling is very subtle, and so examination by a skilled diamond grader is necessary to detect its presence in a diamond."

Below we have listed some examples. Know what you're buying, EDUCATE YOURSELF!

This post was written with information & photography from Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) website.

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