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Allergies to Metal

Hello everyone!

A subject that appears to come up fairly often at You Jewelers & Boutique are the allergies that can sometimes be caused by the various metals that are used in the many different types of jewelry on the market. Allergies to metals have been known to develop at any age, meaning that one can become sensitive to metals like nickel, copper, zinc, or brass at any time. Symptoms that are generally associated with reactions to metals can include redness, swelling, itching, and even sometimes blisters! Jewelry that has been plated, or that may be below very certain purities can cause some of the noted symptoms. When choosing something that would better suit those who have these allergies, it is extremely important to ensure that you invest in metals that are in fact of a more hypoallergenic nature. Metals such as platinum, fine silver, 18 karat gold, and palladium are usually a very safe choice depending on the severity or the sensitivity to the metal in question. I would say that the best advice that I could give anyone that may have these allergies is to TAKE YOUR TIME, research, and if you can’t afford the higher prices that the purer metals demand just simply wait until you can afford what’s right for YOU!

Thank you!

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